Rogue Agent is a boutique full-service production company in Los Angeles, California.

The role of a production company is to be an advocate of our client’s vision and needs. From the concept, to pre-production, filming, editing, we bring together the right resources, artists, directors, producers, and crew to produce high quality commercials, music videos, and branded content.

Production is a creative process. No project or client is the same.  Each requires its own approach.

It’s about solving problems:

How do we create visually compelling videos and content?

How do we maximize our client’s budget and put every dollar, Euro, pound, ruble, peso, and shekel in front of the camera?

Lots of production companies boast loft-like offices with polished concrete floors and assistants bringing you bottles of Fiji water. We aren’t that. We are makers and doers. We endeavor to embrace your idea and make it real. And have fun doing it.

Fun is a creative process too.


Film and Photography Production
3D Animation
Motion Graphics
Editorial and Post Production